Nikos Spanos is a Professional Motorcycle Rider, a Professional Trainer and Motorcycle Tour Guide.

He has been the owner of All Road Training – Riders Academy | Powered by BMW Motorrad for 15 years, having trained over 7,500 riders in Greece and abroad (Germany, Spain, and Saudi Arabia) through his Academy. His travel experience is also very long since one of his basic daily activities is to prepare and arrange organized motorcycle trips in Greece and abroad within the framework of ART.

He was born in Athens on March 25, 1974, he is a graduate of the School of Physical Education and Sport Science, he fulfilled his military service at the Special Forces of Underwater Demolition Operations (Navy Seals), and he has full certification in areas such as First Aid, Rescue and Mountain Guiding. He is married to Stephi and he is a father of one child. Apart from being a passionate rider for over 43 years now, he is also a lover of all Outdoor Extreme Sports, and particularly of the Windsurf.

He is a simple man with a very simple approach towards life, and his experiences and knowledge has nothing to offer but useful knowledge, as he is also very capable of offering some good company in the framework of this individual and highly qualitative choice of Experiences you made.

His slogan with regard to whatever it may be is always one:

There are no dangerous activities. There are dangerous behaviors.
Training & Preparation comes first and then everything is simple. Safety & Training First!