Welcome to the best Experience for Individuals that you can live with your motorcycle!

My Training base is in Athens, Greece and therefore you have the unique opportunity to enjoy your holiday in this enchanting country combining it, during the period of your stay, with a highly qualitative experience of Training or an organized Motorcycle Tour. An experience tailored to fit your own needs, your own priorities, your free time and your needs!

With a 15-year Experience in Training motorcycle riders on dirt and on the asphalt and the preparation of small or great travel Projects for Groups of riders, it is certain that through the process of participation in some Personal Training or Personal Motorcycle Tour, soon your dreams will become true.

You won’t have to worry about the level of experience, your gender or your age. Each course is different, 100% custom made. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to Ride a perfectly well prepared BMW R1200GS for that purpose!

I will take you from the airport with my own 4WD vehicle and together we will make the Project of your dreams come true. Just let me know about your needs. What would you like to learn or where do you wish to go? I will take you there:

  • According to your needs and desires
  • According to the time available and your program
  • According to your technical skills, your level of knowledge and your experience
  • To the destinations that you want to visit
  • You and me, or you and your co-rider, or you, your friends and I!
  • In case you would want me to show you every corner of Greece through the most beautiful routes for motorcycle riding, then you should know that you are talking to the right person

A series of truly unique Training and Motorcycle Touring & Recreation Services are available, designed exclusively for you. I look forward to hearing your dreams and your desires!

Nikos Spanos
Spanos Motorcycle Coaching